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A primary reason why concrete gets destroyed is the weather condition. Rainfall, ice, and the heat of the sunlight could be damaging to concrete. Imagine how damaging that can be on concrete surfaces. Luckily, there is one way to restore floors without investing an excessive level of cash. It is an impressive way to fix concrete and shield it from weather conditions, abrasion, impact, and other damage types. Let’s say hello to decorative concrete resurfacing solutions.

Our many services enable you to select the style that best suits your house. Make a long-lasting first impression having a deck, walkway, or brand new driveway. A beautiful job puts a finishing touch on the outside of your house. But it can damage decorative concrete too over time and without proper maintenance. That is why we are here. We offer decorative concrete repair to help you with your concrete obstacles.

Perfection. We shoot for it. We do not stop until we accomplish it. That is what you get if you employ our concrete contractors Conroe TX. We started on quality, integrity, and honesty; that is why customers pick us for their decorative concrete floors, driveways, and sidewalks. Solid Concrete Conroe is an industry abundantly blessed with skill, and the outcome of our tasks shows. When you can dream it, we can create it! Call us now, talk about your ideas, and we’ll help you to get going!


Concrete Contractors Conroe TX

Our years of expertise in the decorative concrete Conroe TX industry places us in a top position in the area. We have made it our quest to recreate concrete surfaces directly into works of art that not only appears exceptionally gorgeous, but also has a long lifetime, which helps you reduce unnecessary and costly repairs.

Decorative Concrete Contractors for your Project

Our decorative concrete contractors offer various decorative flooring options for you or your client. Each one of our services expertly includes a dazzling, gorgeous appearance with exceptional durability and function.

Stamped Concrete – The stamping procedure can be accomplished during a brand new pour of concrete. Stamping an innovative concrete pour has benefited from being all one piece, while concrete overlay bonds two pieces together.

Acid Staining – At Solid Concrete Conroe, our decorative concrete contractors use an acid staining system to produce a transparent color that doesn’t peel or even flake. Styles tend to be earth tones, like tans, reddish browns, browns, and greens.

Decorative Concrete Overlay – It is a process of adding highly durable crossbreed polymer concrete in virtually any color, design, and structure to dull concrete. This procedure can be completed on newly poured concrete. Nevertheless, today’s decorative concrete overlay system permits us to put a thin cementitious topping subject matter that adheres to concrete and gives a recently resurfaced coating, restoring used surfaces.

We offer nothing but phenomenal work using quality decorative concrete repair and decorative concrete countertops. We make sure we remain on schedule and within the funds we initially agreed on—no hidden costs. We hate broken promises; therefore, we will not set you up for a service we cannot and will not do.

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