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Concrete countertops are presently the largest trend in home remodels. You can observe concrete sinks in the bathrooms of several of your favorite eateries. So what helps make concrete countertops very desirable? Durability and strength, color options, shape and size, and ability and edge detail to use many different add-ins are all aspects of concrete countertops.

Concrete countertops are cast using durable specialty mixes, created to be called tiny and less seamless than necessary in frequent slab concrete. Some combinations enable unsupported spans of several feet and could be cantilevered greater than a foot. Concrete countertops can be colored in a variety of ways. We can apply metallic epoxies to create a reflective surface, or the top-face could be prepared to introduce aggregate for a more rustic aesthetic look. Countertops have several coloring choices for highly personalized looks. Because of the capability to take on some form, the advantage of concrete countertops can have some design, whether it is a straight advantage, rounded advantage, or dart and egg, any style is possible.

Over time, countertops can obtain chips and pinholes, resulting in some rough cleaning and conceivable sealer failure. Getting fries and pinholes filled won’t help you save time, but with an additional reseal can appear brand new once again. All of us know that when homes settle, it can potentially cause some small shifts triggering cracks and countertops to be irregular. During our restoration, countertops are examined and adjusted for level. When anxiety and seam cracks occur, we utilize various high-end products that will be color-matched or even transparent. Repair is generally done on the first day and before a primer coat.

Whatever issues you have with your countertops, our concrete contractors will be here to provide you with our concrete countertop repair service.


Concrete Contractors Conroe TX

Our concrete contractors Conroe TX team creates concrete countertops with confidence, and you will find them being sturdy, evenly stained, sanitary, and resistant to all appeals. We can use color, texture, artistic touches, and edge molds to develop a broad range of design choices with concrete. Our products and sealers were specially formulated to be used on concrete countertops to provide you with a long-lasting effect with a sleek surface that is easy to clean.

Our Process

At first, we will go to the location to calculate and check with the customer to develop the concrete countertops you want. We will produce the product in our store, and the finished product will be sent personally by us. If we have to eliminate any current materials, we will do that the same day that we get your new concrete. We might need to come back for finishing touches, but your concrete countertop is generally ready to use the same day or within one day of installation. 

Solid Concrete Conroe also offers to refinish and polish concrete countertops to create an appealing look. Our countertops are designed using the most durable materials – Concrete. Concrete is solid, minimal maintenance, and scratch-resistant, ideal for commercial and residential use. We take pleasure in serving our clients with concrete countertops that are as appealing as they are powerful.

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